My Birthday Present to You

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Happy 23rd Birthday to me !!!! *inserts awkward dance step*

In the past 1 year, I have completed my NYSC, started Triift Africa, been involved in a lot of community projects including the Lagos Street Store, spoken at various events, impacted thousands of lives and written my first book.

To say thank you  for being a part of my journey, Here is 1000 Naira off the cost of my eBook or hard copy  (excluding delivery)

After payment, your eBook will be automatically sent to your email.

*Please note that hard copy is only available in Nigeria at the moment.*

Alternatively, you can transfer

1000 naira (for eBook) or 2000 Naira (for hard copy excluding delivery charges)  to:

Account number :0429442949    Name: Oluwayemisi Ajeojo   Bank: GTB    Ref: SMCV

Or $4 to:

Account number :0230152804    Name: Oluwayemisi Ajeojo  Bank: GTB      Ref: SMCV

Or £3 to:

Sort Code: 403534 Account number :22878178  Name: Miss O E Ajeojo Bank: HSBC Ref: SMCV

*** Please, if you pay by transfer, send a message to me on whatsapp (2349035333965) or an email to with proof of payment, full name, email and delivery address (for hard copy)***

What do I want for my birthday you may ask?
I believe a lot of people, especially students, graduates, Corp members, young professionals etc need to read my book.  You could pay for copies to be given to these people at no cost to them.

Also, every quarter my team at Triift Africa organises a business finance class. You can sponsor one or more business owner to attend.

You can also donate to a cause close to my heart which is the Lagos Street Store.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to me via  whatsapp/text/call (2349035333965) or send an email to