Let us Talk About Your Event or Project

Are you organizing an event or project that will impact  your local community?


Do you feel stuck,  need advice Or just need someone to talk to about how to make your project or event as impactful as possible and mutually beneficial to everyone involved?



Then, this session is for you?


I will guide you on how to plan, how to secure partnerships and how to attract the right audience, as well as how to measure and get the desired results.


I have been organizing both small and large events and projects in both Nigeria and the UK for over 4 years. From organizing projects which attracted over 50,000 pounds and benefited over 1,000 people to organizing the Lively Stones Make it Happen Event in Birmingham and the Make it happen in London (which I organized remotely from Nigeria) to the first ever Ilorin Digital Summit which had over 600 people attendance and major Nigerian brands as sponsors.


There is a lot of useful and practical information I can share with you.

Sessions take place online via whatsapp call, chat, skype or zoom. Any other form of communication will have to be initiated by you.


Physical session are available depending on your location and will cost extra.


Your investment in this session is ₦5,000 or $20 per hour.



You can pay in naira using this link: paystack.com/pay/brainstormwithyemi

After payment, you will be directed to a calendar where you will pick the time that is best suited for you.

You can pay in any other currency via Paypal:  paypal.me/yemisiajeojo

Or you can pay by bank transfer

Bank Name: Guaranty trust bank

Account number (Naira): 0429442949
Account number (USD): 0230152804

Please send an email to hello@yemisiajeojo.com or reach out on Whatsapp if you paid by transfer, would prefer another method of payment or have questions regarding this session.