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Get My Book

I will always remember moving back to Nigeria in 2017 filled with a lot of uncertainties because almost everyone that heard that I was coming back had made sure to remind me of the unemployment statistics in Nigeria.

So, imagine my surprise when I got over 5 job offer in less than 2 weeks from people that I had met on social media. In addition to job offers, I have gone on to receive invitation to speak at TEDx, speak at other amazing events and even sponsorship for some of the community projects  I have done from people I only met on social media. I wrote this book to share what I did right with you.

I shared not just my story, but the story of other amazing people I know who have gotten job opportunities and even scholarships just by connecting with the right people  the right way and sharing the right content online. In my book, I have shared how you can achieve this too.

From how to set up a profile that stands out, to how to network correctly on social media and even how to use and get results from LinkedIn, this book covers it all.


In addition you will get the following for free:

  1. Getting the most from social media worksheet
  2. Setting the right profile picture worksheet
  3. Writing a winning bio worksheet
  4. Social media checklist
  5. 40 platforms you can use to create your online CV/portfolio
  6. Over 30 platforms that you can inspire you to create great content
  7. Over 5 platforms you can use to find the right people to follow….and so much more.

    Order the e-book now  for – 2000 Naira/ £5 / $7
    or hard copy for – 2500 Naira (excluding delivery fee)

After payment, your eBook will be automatically sent to your email.

Alternatively, during the New Year Sales period you can transfer:

1500 naira (for eBook) or 2500 Naira (for hard copyincluding delivery charges)  to:

Account number :0429442949    Name: Oluwayemisi Ajeojo   Bank: GTB    Ref: SMCV

Or $7 to:

Account number :0230152804    Name: Oluwayemisi Ajeojo  Bank: GTB      Ref: SMCV

Or £5 to:

Sort Code: 403534 Account number :22878178  Name: Miss O E Ajeojo Bank: HSBC Ref: SMCV

*** Please, if you paid by transfer, send a message to me on whatsapp (2349035333965) or an email to ***