My Profile - Yemisi Ajeojo
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My Profile

I am a multifaceted individual, driven by the need to provide solutions to key problems facing individuals and growing businesses. 


As a strategist, I teach individuals how to grow in their career and also support businesses in creating products and growing their revenue with digital tools.


I am also a management accountant, helping businesses understand finance, set structure and implement strategies for growth. 

 I have shared relevant knowledge and experience on a TEDx platform and different  platforms both online and offline  in both the UK and across Nigeria.

I have also worked in both the public and private sector in Nigeria and the UK in roles that  have cut across innovation, community development, business analysis, business development, project management, economic development, governance, strategic leadership and youth empowerment. You can find out more about my career journey on my  LinkedIn page.

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I believe that only people who have been invested in can create tomorrow’s opportunities. So, all my work is channeled towards  human capacity development and growth of businesses.

I do this via mentoring, coaching, providing resources or executing projects that addresses social issues or enable businesses to be more profitable.

I am the  co founder of Cirkle Labs, a social innovation company leveraging digital tools and the power of community to grow businesses, improve employability and enable easier access to education. It is one of the fastest growing digital and human capital development companies in Nigeria.

We are raising a digitally empowered generation who are able to use digital tools for employment, personal and business growth through our Digital communities. We organise classes, workshop and training to young people especially student, corps members and recent graduates. Yearly, we organise the Ilorin Digital Summit which brings over 1000 people together to learn about the various ways digital tools can be used to improve their standard of living as well as engage with policy makers.

I also volunteer with the Lagos Street Store.

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I also co-own Triift Africa. With Triift Africa, we are unlocking growth opportunities for individuals and small businesses in Africa. We want to build Africa’s business landscape, teach business owners the value of going from hustle to portfolio as well as raise a socially empowered generation that can contribute tangible to their economy as well as control it sustainably. We provide: Micro-investments, financial analysis, business plan,  business advisory and trainings to micro, small and medium size enterprises. Follow us on twitter and on instagram.


Get a copy of my book “Social media is Your New CV” here

In this book, I shared how you can position yourself on social media to attract amazing opportunities. From how to set up a profile that stands out, to how to share content that reflects your value, to how to network effectively  and even how to use and get results from LinkedIn, this book covers it all.

In addition to all of these, I love to show  young people and women how to build wealth and understand their finances for greater profit and impact. So, whether it is personal finance (How to manage money,  save, invest and generate income streams) or business finance (Basic bookkeeping, right money mindset, how to set the right price, cut down on cost, set the right business structure and make more money from your business), I love to share advice and resources  through  1-1 or group training sessions.

I am also passionate about how digital platforms makes it possible to scale a business and provide employment. So, I  share knowledge on how people can leverage on these platforms, set  up an effective online presence whether as a business or individual and use it for profit or impact.

You can also contact me to consult on setting up and scaling your  social event or project in Africa.

Join my  Telegram  community.

To take the conversation further, I will love to hear from you. Please, send an email to .