Join My Accountability Group (April-June)

In January, I shared tips on my whatsapp story on how I planned to set and achieve my goals for the year. I converted  it to a blog post and shared it  here.

A lot of people who read the post said they enjoyed it, and would be adopting it. So, I thought to take it a notch higher and create an accountability group.


Are you struggling with the goals you have set for the year?
Are you struggling to break your goals down into actionable steps?

Perhaps you are not sure what is important or what isn’t. Or, you just need someone to check on you once in a while as it regards taking steps to achieve the things that really matter to you.

If you answered Yes to any of these, then this accountability group is for you.

I will support you in  setting your goals,  review the action steps you plan to take to achieve them and hold you accountable by checking on you weekly and sharing resources that will be useful to you.



1. Sessions are in quarters  and the next session  will take place from the 05th of April to the 30th of June.

2. You must be available to talk about your goals for at least 1 hour per week during the session you have signed up for.

3. You must be willing to be honest about your goals, and your journey to achieving them as that is the only way I can be of help to you.


Your investment is this session is your availability, honesty about your progress, willingness to work towards your goal and a on-off payment  of 5000  naira or $20  which has to be made before the 5th of April.


You can pay in naira using this link:

After payment, you will be automatically taken to a whatsapp group.


You can pay in any other currency via Paypal


Or you can pay by bank transfer

Name: Yemisi Ajeojo

BANK NAME: Guaranty trust bank

Account number (Naira): 0429442949
Account number (USD): 0230152804


Please send an email to or reach out on Whatsapp if you paid by transfer, have another method of payment or question regarding this session.



What some of my accountability partners have to say ….