Consult Yemisi

During this  laser coaching session, you can pick my brain and receive guidance and support on areas where I have built vast experience and knowledge over time. Depending on what you choose to cover during your session, an in-depth assessment may be carried out, templates and worksheet provided as well as a quantifiable action plan and strategies set  to ensure that tangible growth  takes place after the session .

Areas that may be covered includes:

1. Starting and Growing Your Business

Do you need someone to bounce ideas off?
Do you need to analyze your business ideas and plans?
Do you need to brainstorm on the way forward?
Do you need an external individual to look into your business and provide professional insights and set structure for more growth?
Do you need help with using social media or email marketing to make sales?
Are you struggling with understanding your business finance?
Do you want to do more with less by building the right structure and automating your processes?

Then this session is for you.

2. Managing and Investing Your Personal Finance
Do you live from salary to salary or have some left at the end of month before your salary comes in?
Do you know where your money is going to?
Do you have enough to meet your basic needs?
Are you able to save?
Can you identify opportunities to invest within your income level?
Do you know how to create other streams of income?

Then this session is for you.

3.Making Social Impact

Are you organizing an event or project that will impact your local community?
Do you feel stuck,  need advice Or just need someone to talk to about how to make your project or event as impactful as possible and mutually beneficial to everyone involved?

I will guide you on how to plan, how to secure partnerships and how to attract the right audience, as well as how to measure and get the desired results.

I have been organizing both small and large events and projects in both Nigeria and the UK for over 5 years. From organizing projects which attracted over 50,000 pounds and benefited over 1,000 people to organizing the Lively Stones -Make it Happen Event in Birmingham and the Make it happen event in London (which I organized remotely from Nigeria) to the first ever Ilorin Digital Summit which had over 600 people in attendance and major Nigerian brands as sponsors. There is a lot of useful and practical information I can share with you.

4. Growing in your Career
Are you a student, recent graduate or early professional who need guidance on how to:

Create a  personal development plan ?

Getting the job of your dreams?

Transition from student to professional?

Getting international job roles with no degree?

Help to apply to international universities? Preparing for an interview, preparing CV and cover letter?

Develop relevant hard and soft skill?

Then this session is for you.

I can also share other areas I have succeeded in including creating and selling your digital product or book, self-promoting and positioning yourself on social media for opportunities and monetising your knowledge or skill. 


A session can last for 15 minutes to an hour and will take place online via whatsapp, messenger, Skype or zoom.

Your investment in this session has been significantly discounted to be ₦10,000 or $40 .

You can pay in Naira using this link: 

After payment, you will be directed to a calendar where you will pick the time that is best suited for you.

You can pay in any other currency via Paypal:


Or you can pay by bank transfer
Bank Name: Guaranty trust bank
Account number (Naira): 0429442949
Account number (USD): 0230152804

Please send an email to if you would prefer another method of payment or have questions regarding your session.