The month of August  was about transforming small businesses in Ilorin all thanks to my amazing friend and baddest trainer Samuel Famolu.


We trained over 400 businesses in batches of 30-100 people on how to transform their business with Digital tools. The training included how to professionally set up and optimise their social media page, create content that engages and sells , how to set up ads and so on for free.



Participants will also get free 6 weeks online support that will enable them put to practice what they have learnt.

We have gotten really great feedback as well, scroll through the pictures to see.

Thanks to everyone who provided their space for us to use. One time, someone set up his living room in Ogidi which is on the outskirt of Ilorin. Anywhere you are going to in Ilorin where you need to enter two taxis a keke (Tricycle) and maybe a bike from town is far 😂😂 but people still came from town for that session.

Excited to take ‘providing knowledge and opportunities for more people to tap into the digital economy and businesses to grow with digital tools in order to reduce unemployment and poverty’ beyond Ilorin in the coming months

But first, Ilorin Digital Summit 2019.
We had over 600 people last year and are currently looking putting plans in place to attract the best speakers and partners so we can influence more people.