I will always remember moving back to Nigeria in 2017 filled with a lot of uncertainties because almost everyone that heard that I was coming back had made sure to remind me of the unemployment statistics in Nigeria.

So, imagine my surprise when I got over 5 job offer in less than 2 weeks from people that I had met on social media. In addition to job offers, I have gone on to receive invitation to speak at Tedx, speak at other amazing events and even sponsorship for some of the community projects  I have done from people I only met on social media. I wrote this book to share what I did right with you.

I shared not just my story, but the story of other amazing people I know who have gotten job opportunities and even scholarships just by connecting with the right people  the right way and sharing the right content online. In my book, I have shared how you can achieve this too.

From how to set up a profile that stands out, to how to network correctly on social media and even how to use and get results from LinkedIn, this book covers it all.

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