Global Money Week With AISEC - Yemisi Ajeojo
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Global Money Week With AISEC

Global Money Week With AISEC

I had a great time speaking at AISEC Nigeria Ilorin Chapter event which took place on Saturday 30th of March 2019 as part of celebration for Global Money week.

I went as a representative of Triift Africa, I shared various ways to raise money for your business while you are waiting for that loan or grant. I talked about how to make even more money from your business idea and how to be a good manager of the money you are already making.
I met some entrepreneurs influencing the economic landscape in Kwara State and also learnt about the investment options that Investment one.
I particularly enjoyed the question and answer session.

The team did an amazing job and feedback I have received so far shows that a lot of people found the event very useful.

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