I believe that significant growth and progress happened in my life when I was more intentional about my female friendships and forming those relationships with women that surrounded me.

There is power that comes from being able to tap into what the women around you carry.

During my time in University, it was easy to feel connected to my female friends because we were all in the space and at the same stage of life.

However, when we graduated, there was need to be intentional about the friendship because we were all going through life very differently– some were travelling around the world, others were going for a second degree, others were preparing to get married, while others were starting businesses.
The women that I currently have a relationship with are people that have been intentional about keeping that friendship.

It’s not about waiting for them to text me first – I intentionally schedule time to catch up with and check on them, I am intentional about praying for them too.⠀

I have also learnt to be intentional about depending on these women, and letting them depending on me too. No matter what I am going through, good or bad, I ensure that the women in my life are aware.

It is very easy to say that no one checked on you or knew you were going through or knew when you were going through a bad time when the truth is that you were too proud to open up to them. It’s not fair on your friends to expect them to discern when you’re going through something bad or difficult when you could have just communicated.

If you have good friends, they will want to be there for you and it is up to you to allow them be there.⠀