Last year, after the Ilorin Digital Summit, I organized a free Microsoft office workshop with the Ilorin Digital community last year which over 50 people benefited from.

The reason I did it was because, someone asked me to help recruit a personal assistant, preferably a corps member like myself. Almost all the Corps members that reached out did not know how to use the basics of most Microsoft office packages. I quickly realized that a good chunk of graduates and young professionals do not have proficiency in this skill.

I decided to organise this workshop again on the 09th of February. In addition to training on how to use Microsoft office, it also included a full day session where participants learnt how to write a great CV and cover letter as well as answer interview question appropriately. I also talked about how to position oneself on social media to get great opportunities as this is something that I have greatly benefitted from.
Truth is, around noon on two days before the event, I had already typed out a message to send to those who had registered telling them that the event had been cancelled or postponed to a later date.
This was mainly because I felt like I had put a lot of effort in it and I wasn’t getting the desired result.
Now I am thankful I didn’t do that because I really learnt from the event as well.

Scroll down for some of the pictures for some of the feedback and for more pictures.
Someone came all the way from Osun, and a nursing mother who came with her baby stayed with us till the end as well.
I went from worrying about people not showing up to hoping that that more people should not come as we were running out of space.

With the Ilorin Digital, we want to do more in building communities and influencing enterprise, employment and employability by teaching people how to leverage on tech tools.
Thanks to everyone who registered, volunteered, shared details of the event with their friends and sponsored especially Probity Hub for their really nice venue.