You needed to see the look on my brothers face the day  I told him that Jesus wept.

I think I shattered his stereotype about men. 😂

We were talking about how to deal with emotions. He said he wouldn’t cry in public because people will see him as weak; a man wasn’t supposed to cry in public. He will rather hide and cry where nobody can see him. Apparently, his male teacher in school had told him that girls are like eggs (and so are weak), while boys are strong like iron. So, in his opinion it is ok for girls to cry in public because they are weak.

Then I told him that Jesus cried in public and since he believes that Jesus is the strongest man, then it is ok for strong men, even the strongest of men to cry publicly.

I have never been more grateful to have Jesus as a perfect example.

I think there are many men that have only learnt to suppress their emotions and be strong like iron at the detriment of their emotional health.
I further explained to my brother healthy ways to express emotions because negative emotions that you suppress without recognising and addressing will express itself in other ways such as drugs and sex abuse, violence, depression etc.


Emotional intelligence and self-awareness is what we should all learn, especially young children not ‘Women are eggs and men are iron’.🙄