My friend and I want to take on a new project this year. He sent me a very detailed plan with step by step processes, strategies and hacks on how to go about it successfully.

It took him about 2 weeks to prepare and he had to do a lot of reading to make it as robust as possible. Because his plan is very detailed and structured, it makes it easier for anyone that is not even us to see it and implement it. (Write the vision, make it plain).

This inspired me to create more structure around my life too.

During the Christmas holiday, I wrote some of my goals for the year and prepared a detailed budget for the year making room for every expenses I could think of and leaving room for more. This means I can’t just buy my favourite icecream when I want to because there is purpose for my money.

Then last week, after being inspired by my friend, I created ‘my life in a year’ calendar where I listed out key things that I wanted to achieve this year and listed out actions that it would take to achieve them. Then I turned each action into monthly milestones that I need to achieve. I further broke down these monthly monthly milestones into weekly goals.

Below is a glimpse of my monthly milestone. It is nothing elaborate though, just something I can easily refer to and work with. Something I can use to hold myself accountable.

My monthly goals

I have a copy of my weekly goals on the wall in my room. I also put it on my trello board and wrote a copy down in the note pad I take out with me everyday. This way, when I am creating my to-do list for the day or week I have these goals in mind as well and my actions are targeted towards achieving them by a certain time.

You can set goals of things you want to achieve, but what actions and structure are you putting in place to make sure that you achieve those goals at a certain time?

That course, that business, that job…have you broken down the necessary steps required to achieve them so you can start working towards them intentionally?

Have you been diligent with your ideas?

Let me also add that some my goals have been set after a lot of prayers and just trying to find out what is God’s heart for me this year. So me setting structure is saying, “Lord I agree with you on this and I choose to be responsible for the things you have placed in my hand so you can trust me more” .

I also have people in my life I hold accountable and who hold me accountable too.

My friends know not to share an idea with me or something they want to achieve if they are not willing to work towards it.
I am glad that they do the same for me and demand the highest level of excellence I can give.

If this was useful to you, and you need help with setting goals and working towards them or you just need someone to identify hindrance or guide you on how to build systems to achieve your goals, You can book a 1-1 30 minutes-an hour coaching call with me here .