Sometime last year at bible study, something simple yet so profound was said and has  continued to minister to me. It was,  ”Fathers validate their children”. So short, so simple and yet so powerful.

It suddenly gave everything a new meaning. It made sense why for a period of time all God was saying to me was that he is pleased with me even when I didn’t feel pleased with myself or see anything to be pleased about. It suddenly made sense why on the days when I just want to be in the background and blend in with the walls if possible he doesn’t yank me by my hair to the pulpit but instead whispers in my ear- ”You are honoured by me, loved by me and precious to me.”(Isaiah 43:4)

The father validates me and that is all I need. That is all I really need.

If the father validates me then I don’t have to compare myself to anyone or be jealous of anybody. I sell myself short if I live with comparison. I am ignorant if I allow myself to be jealous or envious of anyone instead genuinely celebrating and encouraging them.

My design is unique to my process and so I don’t have to compare my experience with anyone else’s. I can trust him even when I can’t see his hand because I know his heart.

If the father validates me then I don’t have to seek the approval of men for my obedience and surrender to God.

Fathers validate their children