From Corper to diamond!!!!⁣ 😂😂

⁣I officially concluded my National Youth Service Year on 13.12.2018

Super thankful for everything the past one year has taught me and to everyone who has made it a great year for me.

From moving to a state I had never been to or had family in,⁣

to getting a great job where I got to learn about governance, project management, strategy and leadership,

to organizing an amazing event (Ilorin Digital) where over 600 people came from both within and outside Kwara to learn about how to leverage on the Digital economy for employment and to boost their small businesses,

to starting a business Triift Africa helping micro-businesses grow from start to sustainable. ⁣

To being invited to speak at amazing events in different parts of the country including a Tedx event, ⁣

to forming great relationships, to developing new skills and learning more about myself to getting an award of excellence in youth development and a certificate of merit from NYSC in addition to my discharge certificate for diligence and distinguishing myself in both output and character.⁣

It has been a great adventure, and I am looking forward to all that the next phase of my life has in store for me. ⁣

Glory to God !!!⁣