Last year, I had the opportunity to  speak at the Colab for Women first event in Kaduna.

I talked about how to be more productive with an online presence, tech tools to aid productivity and how to make money through digital marketing.
I also talked about how Slatecube is addressing the problem of unemployment by giving people the chance to grow, challenge themselves, gain industry  relevant skills, stand out in the market place and potentially get a job anywhere in the world.

Was quite surprised at the turn out to be honest. the hall was packed full.

Yemisi Ajeojo

A lot of women in their late twenties and early thirties showed up and were eager to learn and engage with others.
Had some super amazing women doing phenomenal things say they were inspired by me and encouraging me to write a book. Many of the attendees were also interested in signing up for the courses on Slatecube. Safe to say they left me on a high.😂

Yemisi Ajeojo

Colab is a co-working space in Kaduna that also hosts monthly event for women aimed at addressing life and career issues,  teaching women key digital skills as well as encouraging them to STEM careers and to reach for the stars. If you are a woman in Kaduna, you don’t want to miss it.