My 2 kobo.

It is no news that checking parallel market rates as a Nigerian will cost you more heart break than a ‘Yoruba demon’.

The current economic situation in Nigeria probably means that you are trying to get new clients, adjusting budgets to keep old ones, adjusting old strategies, shaking off bad debts, counting your losses and moving on.

With the new wave of job streams that digital media is creating, I can’t help but see a fantastic opportunity and I am sure you have too.

Just a moment ago, a friend asked me to recommend someone to design her new brand identity. Before I could blink, I already had names popping in my head and what is even more amazing is that they transcend continents.

I got thinking as to why this is, and it hit me that digital media has created seamlessness between individuals and made the world smaller.

Here is one of those in the creative industry and even the tech industry; what you do is appreciated across borders and the opportunities are limitless.

So, here it is from me to you. You need to develop excellent communication skills, be more aware of cultural barriers and be able to properly translate your skills to meet anyone’s needs and of course, make your pocket swell.

The way you see traffic, is not the same way a gala seller does. So, as much as people are complaining about exchange rate, just for once imagine if you had clients paying you in dollars.

Get out of your comfort zone and create an international product with great quality.

Can I have my 2 kobo back?